Audit Services

The confidence of the public and information users is gained by ensuring that the correct data to be obtained is provided to the information users, with high standards and quality control. While auditing reaches a conclusion by dealing with events, transactions and activities in the past, the main objective is to specify specific measures to prevent damage in the future, which may be inherent in the future. In other words, the audit is a future insurance.

An audit involves examining, in accordance with the financial reporting standards, the financial statements of companies and preparing auditors' opinion as to whether the financial statements present fairly, in all degree of detail and on the financial position and results of operations of the Company. The auditor is influenced by the fact that the vision of the company's financial situation is more reliable and more transparent and institutional to the company's stakeholders and information users.

ATEK Bağımsız Denetim ve Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş. Our goal is to provide the highest quality independent auditing service in a wide range of companies, from large scale international companies to medium and small sized dynamic companies, and to contribute to the healthy and sustainable developing of our customers.

The basis of corporate governance is composed of, transparency, accountability, responsibility and honesty. Business accounting accurate and reliable information to be received from the direction of business management, is a requirement of modern business management. The information produced by the entity accounting, business managers, not just employees, the company invested money to investors and lenders, third parties doing business with enterprises and public concerns. Globalization of the world economy, the importance of adequate and reliable financial information flows between enterprises has increased even more. This situation has necessitated the preparation of accounting and auditing practices based on certain internationally recognized standards.

Our company since its inception quality companies that are subject to independent audit, reliable, and well inspection services will result in time sequence, training of business accounting staff, which will meet for the first time independent auditing and configuring the audit-ready accounting system successfully offers the services.

Tax Counseling And Other Consultancy

We provide services to our customers by using our knowledge and experience in the preparation of tax plans for the purpose of identifying and mitigating the potential tax risks that may arise in the future and in the future and for tax management in accordance with tax legislation.

Tax Disputes and constantly changing tax legislation and the complexity of the tax law leads to the need to make tax planning of the company. Strategic and operational tax planning, tax legislation within the framework of our company producing business in the solutions in accordance with the restructuring requirements, who is authorized to certify in accordance with 3568 Act by analyzing the financial structure of the company with a Certified Public Accountant and experienced staff reveals the most efficient tax planning and providing development by controlling the structure permanently

Litigation Counseling

Constantly changing tax legislation and the complex nature of tax laws make it necessary for companies to make tax planning. We are producing solutions to the needs of strategic and operational tax planning, restructuring in enterprises within the framework of tax legislation.

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